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The Best Investment Property in Phuket

Our list of the best investment property in Phuket contains condos and villas that can be purchased with the intention of earning a direct return on the investment through rental income. Such property are also often referred to to as Hotel Managed Property.

Many real estate developers in Phuket, Thailand offer investors the opportunity to purchase property that is then managed like a resort or a hotel. The property is marketed as holiday rentals (often through online travel channels like Agoda, Airbnb, Booking.com etc.) in order to maximize the occupancy and the return on your investment.

Owners will receive their share of a previously agreed percent of the generated rental return (often guaranteed) paid out annually, and up to 4 weeks of free occupation in the unit every year. The rest of the time the property is rented out, just like at a hotel, generating the rental return. Everything regarding the rentals is handled by a management team, so the investor can just sit back and watch the profits ticking in.

As an example of a guaranteed rental return, "7% Guaranteed Rental Return for 15 Years" means exactly that; the developer and its rental management team is guaranteeing property owners a rental return of 7% on the purchase price anually for 15 years. In this example that would mean a 105% ROI (7x15) on the rental return alone, and then we're not even accounting for the capital gain!

We have developers offering up to 10% Guaranteed Rental Return for 10+ years, so there is no doubt that there's money to be made through Phuket Investment Properties.

Please browse through the listings below and do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or if a property peaked your interest. You can also use our Property Finder Service if you prefer us to compile a list of properties tailor-made for you.

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The Best Investment Property in Phuket

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