Buy Property in Bangtao & Layan Beach Area

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Buy Property in Bangtao & Layan Beach Area

Bangtao – Layan is a premium area featuring top restaurants, a manicured golf course, funky beach clubs, wine bars, horse riding on the beach and premium shopping; making it a cool place to hang out. The beach of Bangtao – Layan Beach itself, which is actually one stretch of sand, is far less crowded than the other main beach resorts on the West Coast.

A big plus to this area is Laguna, which is a private development spanning 2km of beachfront and a significant area behind it, consisting of five-star hotels, lagoons, property developments, a golf course, recreation facilities and much more. There is also a free shuttle bus which transports guests around the area.

Condo and apartment development is focused inside Laguna and the vicinity just outside, allowing owners to benefit from being within walking distance of the premium facilities as well as the beach.

Laguna and the area nearby draws many visitors and is attractive to investors in terms of the well kept public space, unobstructed sidewalks, manicured lawns and a well maintained natural environment. To have the opportunity to invest in a property in an ordered and well managed area that is properly zoned, is a boon for property investors.

Bangtao – Layan is the closest prime beach resort to the airport, being only 20 minutes away. This is a big tick in the box considering Phuket’s increased road traffic and resulting in a rise in journey times to resorts situated in the South of the island.

From an investment point of view the downside to this area is the lack of sea views due to the lack of hills but the upside are very competitive property prices and the premium location.

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