There has never been a better time to invest in Phuket real estate, with developers guaranteeing sky-high guaranteed rental returns on your investment.

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Key Features

Guaranteed Returns

Investment condominiums are managed like a hotel, quite often by a well recognized international hotel brand which guarantees high-quality service and high rental returns, often guaranteed.

There are several projects on the island offering 7% for up to 15 years with a buy-back option at the end of the rental guarantee period.

With the professional management team handling everything, you’ll be guaranteed high rental returns for a minimal headache!

Free Stays

What is the point of investing in a property if you can’t use it? The developers’ recognize that offer time for the owners to utilize their property themselves, completely free of charge.

The allocated time is typically 14 – 45 days per year and will vary depending on the developer and the project.

Owners are often also able to book additional stays at their property at any time at a discount.

High Demand

The Phuket property market is showing no signs of slowing down, with foreign investors flocking here in their thousands to make the most of the high rental returns that Phuket has to offer as the hub of tourism in Thailand.

Earn generous guaranteed returns and make handsome capital gains on your property.

Thailand Property Award

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