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List Property in Phuket for Sale & Rent

As one of the major players in the Phuket property market for several years, we at Phuket have been able to build up an extensive database existing clients. The database is growing every day much thanks to our high-trafficked website, making us a good choice to help you sell your property in Phuket. As a bonus, we will not only list your property on our website but also promote it via social media, global marketing channels and to our worldwide partners.

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How much does it cost to list with PHUKETCONDO.NET?

We do not charge an upfront fee to list your property on our website as well as on our global marketing channels. We work on a commission basis. You will pay us only when your property is sold.

Why you should list your property with us? is a relatively young (founded in 2012) but quickly growing property agency on Phuket island. We have a young and eager team that will work hard to satisfy both clients and property owners. We have an extensive database of existed and potential clients. and co-agencies in many overseas countries that provide us clients everyday.

Our marketing team aim to promote each listing across many different channels such as social media, email marketing, global listing channels, co-agencies and our client database.

How we evaluate your property?

We have been in Phuket property market for many years. We have a great knowledge on each property on the island. Therefore we know all the weaknesses, strengths and opportunities as well as all the market values of each property on the island. We evaluate your property with our experience, current market trends and other similar property values on the market. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss more. We offer free consultation regardless work with us or not.

Do we only list Condos and Apartments?

As, we have the largest condominium and apartment database on the island. But we also have numerous villas and townhouses on our portfolio. We have many different clients from all around the world. In time to entertain our clients’ needs, we have extended our database. Currently we have condominiums, apartments, houses, townhouses, villas, land, hotels etc. basically all kinds of properties on our portfolio. So please do not hesitate to list your property with us.