Beachfront Bunkers – Stunning Sea View – Phuket, Thailand


April Fool!!!!!

Well, we know that you knew it was an April Fool ;).
(But, no, seriously if you would like to buy a bunker register below and we will think about building one).

1 Step 1

Did you know that when not in lockdown in your bunker, in Phuket you can enjoy the benefits of:

Phuket’s World Famous Nightlife

The Idyllic Islands And The Open Seas Through One Of Phuket’s 5 Marinas

Improve Your Handicap On One Of The Island’s Six Golf Courses

Tax-free Retirement Living

World class healthcare and preventive medicine

International Schools

Phuket Is An Asian Regional Hub With Easy Flight Connections

Exotic Events & Lifestyle

World Class Exercise & Training Facilities

Please feel free to browse through our extensive inventory with more than 900 property listings for sale and rent and do not hesitate to get in touch for a private consulation with one of our advisors, no strings attached.

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